• Katherine Pugh

Things to Do at MSU If Your Not in College

Going to Montana State University may not be on your list of things to do today but you might want to rethink your plan. Here is a list of things to do at MSU:

  1. Go to the duck pond. Okay I know what your thinking. "Why would I want to go to a duck pond?" Well I think it's really fun to watch the ducks because they are used to people so they will get in about within a foot of you so the duck pond is a great place to chill if your the kind of person who hangs out with ducks. The ducks stay all year because the duck pond is heated, lucky ducks.

2. The MSU boulder. Probably the hardest boulder on the Bozeman Bouldering Circuit and the most recently built. This boulder is very fun.

3. Granny's Doughnuts doughnut shop. I have had some good doughnuts but these ones where very high on my list of good doughnuts. TIP: To get you parents to stop for doughnuts tell them you want to support the local businesses.

If you find any good things to do at MSU if your not in college you can email me at:

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