• Katherine Pugh

Seven VERY Useful Rock Climbing Tips

  1. Climb with your feet this is the tip you will probably hear most often, but what does it mean? I’m glad you asked. When people say “climb with your feet” they mean instead of pulling yourself up with your hands push yourself up with your legs. The reason people do this is because your legs are stronger than your arms and you can save energy by doing this.

  2. Don’t grip so hard most of the time beginner rock climbers climb they grip the hand hold a lot harder than they need, when I first started rock climbing I held on way to hard and after I read about this tip and I tried to loosen my grip I could climb a lot longer.

  3. Keeping your arms straight this was probably the most surprising tip for me because bending your arms ever the slightest bit really takes a lot more strength than keeping your arms straight.

  4. Set goals when you set your mind to a specific goal and work for it. A goal can help you become a better climber, but don’t quit halfway through. I’m not going to lie, rock climbing is difficult but reaching your goal is very satisfying.

  5. Climb a lot if you climb a lot you will get better faster and remember your techniques. Plus it’s a good habit.

  6. Rest if you can, if you find a spot where you can rest with only one arm or even no arms you should rest because you never know when your next resting spot will be and that can make all the difference in reaching the top of that peak.

  7. Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right, be positive.

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