• Katherine Pugh

Sequence Board Game

Updated: May 23, 2020

For this article I will be telling you about a really fun board game called Sequence, if you are on vacation and you need a fun game to play Sequence is your game, it involves drawing random cards and using them in a strategic way to try and create a sequence of five chips either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal the amount of sequences you need depends on how many people there are.This game is really fun because it only takes up 20-40 minutes depending on how many people play it so it is the perfect amount of time. 2-12 people can play sequence at one time, but I recommend only playing with 2-4 people because otherwise it will take FOREVER. One of the other reasons Sequence is so fun is because you can play with teams but beware, I have found that people really get competitive with Sequence like REALLY competitive (such as my mom) so be careful who you play it with. I play Sequence a lot with my family, we usually do teams of two, when we go on trips we always bring it with us and I have first hand experience with the competitive thing, also a tip do not try to do table talk with your team members such as when I was digging for diamonds I broke three spades trust me it will not work out. I have included a link so you can learn more about Sequence and purchase it if you want so HERE it is. I hope these recommendations were helpful for you!

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