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A Trip On The Madison River

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Recently I went on the Madison river for a float trip, we put in at Warm Springs and

took out at Black's Ford. This stretch of river that has no rapids so its perfect for tubing or paddle boards My family rented a Sol Fiesta paddle board, we call it the Party Barge. A Sol paddle board or Party Barge is a very large paddle board that can fit six people here is a picture:

The Sol paddle board is really good for float trips but I don't recommend using it for white water it is easy to get on and off the paddle board and if there is only four or even five people on it you can easily fit a cooler and lots of gear. We did the Warm Springs to Black's Ford stretch of river twice and I thought that it was just the right amount of river, We did this river in July and it was pretty shallow the shallowest part was probably two feet deep and the deepest part was probably ten feet so be careful when you try to push people into the water (its really easy on this type of paddle board.)

Here is a interview with a Sol paddle boarder (their preferred title is The Admiral)

Me: Was the Sol paddle board bigger or smaller than you expected?

Interviewee: Well I had rented one before, so I knew what to expect but I think it is the ideal craft for floating down a river.

Me: After doing the Warm Springs to Blacksford stretch twice was That more or less floating then you wanted?

Interviewee: That was the perfect amount for me.

Me: Did you have to paddle a lot, or was the river moving at a quick enough pace?

Interviewee: I thought the river was moving fast enough so there was minimal paddling.

Me: What was your favorite part of the Sol paddle board?

Interviewee: I thought the nice thing about it was that you could stand up or sit down and it was very easy to get in and out of.

Me: What is your favorite type of watercraft?

Interviewee: I think any day on the river is a good day.

Me: Do you have anything else you want people to know about the Sol paddle board?

Interviewee: Be safe, wear your life jacket and be safe on the shuttle drive there is a lot of traffic.

I hope you liked this article!

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