• Katherine Pugh

Rafting Tips

  1. If it is going to be a long trip bring lots of food, rafting can really work up an appetite

  2. Try to choose a raft with no holes in it

  3. If you fall out of the raft keep your feet up

4. When there are really big rapids put at least one of your feet under the inside edge of the raft (this helps stabilize you)

5. The raft is your friend

6. bull (the very front of the raft) lean back so if you happen to fall you will fall into the raft not out of it

7. Do not raft with people you can’t stand, you could be in the raft for a long time

8. Never depend too much on the rating on a rapid such as class one, class two,class three etc

9. Wear a life jacket if you fall out of the raft it really makes things easier on you.

10. It is really fun to jump out of the raft into the water but make sure the water is deep and there are no rapids and DO NOT JUMP HEAD FIRST!

I do not recommend this

PS. this picture was taken in West Virginia not Bozeman

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