• Katherine Pugh

Painted Hills

A few days ago I went on a bike trail called The Painted Hills, we literally JUST moved here and this was the first trail I have been on in Bozeman and it was the most fun I have ever had on a mountain bike.

It was a beautiful trail with rolling hills and snow capped mountains in the background (my favorite kind of mountains.) After the trail went uphill the dirt path became a roller coaster it had just the right amount of switchbacks and loopy lopes it was so much fun. The other good thing is that the trail system was so big and it is good for any skill level if you never biked a day in your life you could do it if you were some gold metal Olympic star you could do it or for the other 89% of us who are not gold metal Olympic winners and like to bike this trail is also good for you! There are also a lot of interesting wildlife on the painted hills trail (not including grizzly bears) there are Black Billed Magpies my favorite type of bird, ground squirrels and lots of other birds and rodents that I can't think of right now.

So anyway I hope you enjoy this trail if you decide to do it and I hope this Article gave you a idea of what to do in Bozeman!

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