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Gallatin County Regional Park Pump Track Review

Updated: May 31

Five stars

In this article I'm going to tell you about the pump track in the Gallatin County Regional Park.

This is a really fun pump track for many reasons. The track is really wide so if you and someone else went the opposite way there is plenty of room to not crash. But you should still try to go the same way as everyone. Another thing is that the pump track had lots of different options for things to do and it's really good for learning how to pump. This pump track also has flat grassy spots in the middle of each of the loops so if you fall you could have a spot to get out of the middle of the track so you don't get run over. Another nice thing is the way the trail is made there are three small loops making up the one big loop and if there are lots of people you can each go on a different loop to minimize crashing.

On this pump track there are lots ground squirrels who sometimes go on the track, so try not to run over any of them. Ground squirrels can hold a grudge.

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