• Katherine Pugh

Bozeman Bouldering Circuit

The Bozeman boldering circuit is a circuit of five climbing boulders that can be found in these places:

I just started going to them and it has been really fun. There is a small boulder and a big boulder by the pump track that I talked about earlier (Gallatin County Regional Park) this is the easiest one and the one I recommend to try first .There is one on the Gallagater trail that's really fun and it has a tunnel in the side.

and my favorite on is at the Bozeman pond park that one is kinda hard to climb, but the nice this about all these boulders is the all have at least on easy-to-climb side so that ends up being really helpful when you climb down the boulder. Even though these boulders are small compared to other rock climbing places they are really fun and can be really good practice for harder rock climbing.

You can email me your favorite boulder at

This photo was taken at the boulder on the Gallagater trail, I do not recommend doing this.

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